The new release from “OIRAN MUSIC” is DJ-use remix version of the debut song “yishanteng” by macominaming. Remixed by HEYKAZMA, DJ and creator born in 2010.


Formed in the first year of Reiwa, the enigmatic dream pop duo “macominaming” (Mako Principal a.k.a. Mako Watanabe + Minami Taga) who traverse art and music, released a new version of their debut song “yishanteng” remixed by the 2010-born DJ and creator, HEYKAZMA, on November 22nd (Wednesday). The release is available on various subscription services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

This new version has been crafted with a DJ-friendly approach, consciously emphasizing dance floor appeal even more than the original, resulting in a fresh and vibrant piece.

The lyrics and production for this release were once again handled by Kawamura Yuki of OIRAN MUSIC. The lyric video, simultaneously unveiled, was produced by Mako Principal, and the jacket visual was created by Minami Taga herself.



Youtube(Lyric Video)