Tatsuki Okadarim releases “Harmonic Girl ft. Som”, a Japanese-Korean-English verse summer anthem in full of 90’s house music flavor, produced by Yuki Kawamura!

He has released music under the name Tatsuki from Rhythm Vibe (USA), Fruity Flavor (SBA), Mango Sounds (RUS), Moiss Music (RUS), and DJed at 80KIDZ’s party “MISSION”. Tatsuki, who has been more energetic since moving his base from Kyushu to Tokyo in 2017, will change his name to Tatsuki Okadarim (タツキ・オカダリム) and release his first song “Harmonic Girl ft. Som” on July 1, 2022.

The project began when Tatsuki himself sent a demo track to OIRAN MUSIC, a music brand and label based in the warm-up bar “Shibuya Oiran” in Shibuya Dogenzaka, which is run by producer Yuki Kawamura. After rearranging the music, Koyas mastered the music and completed the project.

The vocalist is Som, a singer who has also released songs as a solo artist, and sings mellowly about a coquettish summer love story with a mix of Japanese, English, and Korean lyrics. (The dreamy artwork is by mako kono)

The club-ready “Harmonic Girl feat. Som (Tatsuki Okadarim ’90s House Club Mix)” emphasizes the 90’s house flavor that has been a definite sign of revival since Drake and Beyonce incorporated it into their new releases.
This remix was created based on the idea of Yuki Kawamura, and will be released on July 7.

the lyric video is released on the day before release on the youtube account of Shibuya Oiran, featuring teaser video of the party “Chain Of Euphoria” to be held at Shibuya Oiran on July 1st, themed on a chain of euphoria.
This teaser video was created around the work of graphic desiger Masato Yamaguchi who will participate as a DJ in this party, and edited by DJ KASUMISTY. It is now available on Shibuya Hanakai’s official instagram.

released on 7/1
Harmonic Girl ft. Som – Tatsuki Okadarim

released on 7/7
Harmonic Girl feat. Som (Tatsuki Okadarim ’90s House Club Mix) – Tatsuki Okadarim

7/1 Chain Of Euphoria @ Shibuya Oiran teaser


Lyric Video

Tatsuki Okadarim(タツキ・オカダリム)

2011年に4つ打ちを中心にDJ活動をスタートし、2017年からは活動拠点を九州から東京へ。ニューディスコ/インディーダンス/ハウス/R&B等を織り交ぜた、メロウな選曲を得意とする。また2020年からはトラックメーカーとしても活動を開始し、これまでに〈Rhythm Vibe〉(USA)、〈Fruity Flavor〉(SBA)、〈Mango Sounds〉(RUS)、〈Moiss Music〉(RUS)等から楽曲を発表。2022年夏、渋谷道玄坂拠点のウォームアップ・バー「渋谷花魁」に併設されたミュージック・ブランド&レーベル「OIRAN MUSIC」からの「Harmonic Girl ft. Som」リリースを機に、名義をTatsuki Okadarim(タツキ・オカダリム)に改名。Twitter:@___Tatsuki


ソウル出身大阪育ちの、日韓ハーフSSW/コンポーザー。2017年にDTMで楽曲制作を開始。 2020年12月に自身の1stEP「Unreality」をリリース。昨には年11月に2nd EP「purple」をリリースした。浮遊感のある夢見心地な電子サウンドと、柔らかなハスキーボイスが絡み合ったナイトポップを歌う。また韓国語と日本語を見事に織り混ぜだ独創性の高い歌詞も魅力の一つ。これまでリリースしたデジタルシングルがAppleMusicやSpotify公式プレイリストにインするなど活動の幅を広げている。Twitter:@666_yorunoao