makominaming / Chocolate


Macominaming is a Tokyo-based alternative pop duo that’s consist of two girls.
They mix a feeling of “kawaii” culture and indie pop/dance sound like Hazy House, Vaporwave, Dream Pop, etc.

Their producer Yuki Kawamura is well-known existence in Tokyo club scene.
Not only domestic, she is famed as a DJ internationally
and so far has appeared on “Love Parade Mexico” “amnesia in Ibiza” “Batofar in Paris”, etc.

Recently Yuki produced 3 songs for a soundtrack of “Cyberpunk 2077” (popular RPG from Poland) and the songs joined a compilation album of the soundtrack.
The songs were produced with Mako Principal (the one of the singer of Macominaming) and Ichi Takiguchi (Beat making staff of Macominaming).
Name of the unit is “Namakopuri & Us Cracks”,and from the link below, You can see the name with GRIMES, NINA KRAVIZ and many famed artists.

Yuki produced Macominaming’s new song “Chocolate” by using power and skill gotten through the experience of “Cyberpunk 2077”.