Yuki Kawamura releases a chill-out work dedicated to the legendary DJ of Ibiza, “Jose Padilla”!


The songwriter/producer Yuki Kawamura has released “R.I.P. Sunset”, a chill-out track dedicated to Balearic legend Jose Padilla, the legendary DJ from Ibiza who passed away suddenly last year.

Yuki Kawamura, who had a deep relationship with Jose Padilla before his death, met Jose in 2002 when she came to Japan on the promotion the film “IbizaDream” and later visited Ibiza to deepen their friendship. In 2018, she invited Jose to participate in’s “shibuya OIRAN warm up Radio,” an internet radio station specializing in dance music that she navigates, where he performed his exclusive DJ mixes, and later performed together at the “Sunset and Sea Music Party” at Enoshima .

Jose Padilla is Kawamura’s most respected DJ and a pioneer of the “Balearic” music movement from Ibiza. He was also known as the compiler of a CD series about the chill-out mecca “Cafe Del Mar”. He has had a great influence on Kawamura’s musicality, and his Balearic sensibility is projected in his own compositions/DTM works such as “Chakra” released in April and “mallow blue” in June.

Yuki Kawamura has appeared at festivals such as “FreedomSunset”, “Ringo Music Festival”, and “Love Parade Mexico” as a DJ and music selector. She is also known for selecting BGM for the Shibuya Ward Office, providing music for the open-world RPG “Cyberpunk 2077,” and produces the warm-up bar “Shibuya Oiran,” which celebrates its 11th anniversary this year.

“R.I.P. Sunset” was mixed and mastered by House Violence, who has released works on Plastik People (USA) and House Cookinʼ (Belgium), and is about to release new works on Mole Music (Russia) and White Deer (Mexico). The result is an ethereal soundscape suitable for the cool summer of 2021.

– Title:R.I.P. Sunset
– Artist:Yuki Kawamura
– Distribution:ULTRA-VYBE
– Release Date:2021/07/23
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