Chakra(Music For Snails_Project)/ Yuki Kawamura


Japanese electronic music artist Yuki Kawamura a.k.a. Venus releases her new single “Chakra(Music For Snails_Project)”.
It’s out on April 30th in major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.

The track will let you image Chillout or Ambient…depends on a listener it might be felt as New Age or a kind of healing music.
Because it’s produced being based on collaboration with “Snails_Project”.
Snails_Project is an artistic activity by Isao Adachi and they produce clothes or some items toward every people – female, male and LGBTQ +…really all the people!

Yes, we human beings might need meditative feel or spiritual journey that’s why under anxious situation including covid.
A gift from Yuki and Snails_Project to such world is this release.
Hope you enjoy to hear.

The track is mixed and mastered by House Violence who’s a Deep House Producer from House Cookin’ Records (Belgium), Plastik People (US), etc.

– Title:Chakra(Music For Snails_Project)
– Artist:Yuki Kawamura
– Distribution:ULTRA-VYBE
– Release Date:2021/04/30