ROMderful, known for his production of SIRUP, DEAN, and Duckwrth, remixed Makomin’s “Virtual Kiss” in celebration of Shibuya Oiran’s 13th anniversary.

In commemoration of the 13th anniversary of Shibuya Oiran, a warm-up bar in Shibuya Dogenzaka, which will be celebrated in May, the artist unit Makominamin released the song “Virtual Kiss” during the Corona disaster, which was remixed by Birmingham-born and Korea-based creator, ROMderful, into an R&B-style version. The remix version was released on March 21, 2023, via “OIRAN MUSIC”.

Makominamin is a creative unit formed in 2028 by Minami Taga and Mako Watanabe (a.k.a Mako Principal), who move between art and music. Based on OIRAN MUSIC, a music brand and label established by Shibuya Oiran, they have released many genre-crossing remix works in addition to their original music.

The original song “Virtual Kiss” is a piece that describes a sensual and organic love affair and communication that appeals to the physical and deep psychology, while using the hook of “virtual” which became popular during the Corona disaster. The lyrics and production were handled by Yuki Kawamura, and the track was produced by Ichi Takiguchi.

For this work, ROMderful, who is a fan of the open-world RPG “CYBERPUNK 2077” that Yuki Kawamura was involved in music production for, got to know each other via Twitter during the Corona disaster and the collaboration work naturally came into being.

The artwork features ROMderful dressed as a guide taking the two members of Makominamin on a time-traveling journey through the golden age of 70s soul music, capturing the time zone in which they are traveling. The artwork is a collaboration between Makominamin and an AI-generated image of themselves using the new feature “AI Avatar” on the app “SNOW,” to which they added finishing touches with their own pen.

To commemorate the release, Makominamin will appear as a guest on the talk show “Shibuya OIRAN chill out radio” on Block FM at 9 PM on March 27th.

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