Kawamura Yuki will release the latest remix by KH & TheLASTTRAK, which captures the blissful feeling of summer 2023. The release will be available for streaming from OIRAN MUSIC starting from Friday, June 2nd.

Kawamura Yuki, in celebration of the 13th anniversary of her warm-up bar in Shibuya, “Shibuya OIRAN,” which she manages herself, will release the first installment of a series of releases. It is a new remix titled “R.I.P. Sunset (KH&TheLASTTRAK Lovers Dub Remix)” of the chill-out track “R.I.P. Sunset” originally released in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. The remix by KH&TheLASTTRAK showcases the original track’s flowing strings and gives it a Lovers Dub style fitting for the summer of 2023. The release will be available for streaming from various subscription services such as Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify starting from Saturday, June 3nd, 2023.

The original track was dedicated to the late Jose Padilla, an artist based on the island of Ibiza, known for his DJing and compilation work as the compiler of “Cafe Del Mar.” Since its release, the track has seen various updates derived from the original, including a floor-like house remix by House Violence in 2021 and a 90s Euro trance to Balearic dance version by Amps from TREKKIE TRAX in 2022, with one to two versions released each year.

The artwork is part of a series with different color variations, and for this release, it features a vibrant pink base, imagining the blissful feeling of post-COVID-19 summer. The design is created by the artist and painter Watanabe Mako, also known as Mako Principal.

To commemorate the release, Kawamura Yuki will reflect on the background of this release and incorporate the essence of Lovers Dub with Balearic selections on the only chill-out program on, “Shibuya OIRAN chill out Radio,” on June 12th.


BandCamp – Full version preview available