Macominaming has released a new song titled “All is Full of Love” on June 7th, with the theme of pure love. The cover visual was photographed by Muga Miyahara.


The dream pop unit, Mako Minamin, known for their interchange between art and music, will release their new song “All is Full of Love” on various subscription services such as Bandcamp and Spotify on Wednesday, June 7th. The song revolves around the theme of the birth of pure love.

This particular song was created by Mako Principal, also known as Mako Watanabe, during her pregnancy, and it was released to coincide with the timing of her newborn’s arrival.

The maternity photo work and the jacket visual were handled by Muga Miyahara, a globally renowned photographer and a friend of the member Minami Taga.

Lyrics and production were handled by Kawamura Yuki, who is also from the label Oiran Music, and the track production was done by Ichi Takiguchi, who has been responsible for all the original compositions of their works. Minami Taga also actively participated in the creation as a top liner, making it a highly ambitious project.