To celebrate the 11th anniversary of Shibuya Oiran, macominaming’s “Chocolate Remixes” is now available for download! Remixer: YAMADAtheGIANT, Sakiko Osawa from OIRAN MUSIC

Following last week’s release of “Cream (Nick AM remix)”, bedroom pop duo Mako Minami (minami taga + Mako Principal) will release a remix EP of their new song “Chocolete” on May 28th on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and other platforms.

The EP celebrates the 11th anniversary of Shibuya OIRAN, a warm-up bar in Dogenzaka, the home of OIRAN MUSIC, the music brand and label that released the EP. The EP features two different interpretations of the music: YAMADAtheGIANT’s Deep House style, which is perfect for small outdoor raves and DJ bars, and Sakiko Osawa’s cool and elegant Techno style, which is perfect for home listening and driving.

The original song was produced by the same team that produced “PONPON SHIT,” a popular song for the open-world RPG “Cyberpunk 2077. The lyrics and production are by Yuki Kawamura, and the track is by ichi takiguchi. The artwork was painted by Minami Taga, a member of the band, depicting the back of a cat at a loss, as if to symbolize the present year 2021.