Open since 2010 in Shibuya Tokyo, “Shibuya Oiran”, that serves as a gateway for many clubbers who come to experience the night life of Shibuya, which is also a concept of this warm-up bar and a restaurant, produced by Venus Kawamura, has been loved and supported by various DJs, Artists and Clubbers.

While the visitors came not only from Japan but from all over the world, Oiran has collaborated with various fashion brands and music events, and they also has been exposed to some unique mediums, this warm-up bar consequently grown as a “Antenna Spot” in Dougenzaka Shibuya (main street in Shibuya).

With the growing of it’s reputation and being a home place for young artists and creators in Shibuya, Oiran has announced to launch a new music brand, called “OIRAN MUSIC” on February 6th 2014. The concepts and the ideas are to produce a “Entertainment” with a focus on music and to transmit the energy of the young creators and the new cultures which are independently developing by the new generations across the world.